Welcome to the Stony Hill Rural Fire Department!

Our organization sincerely appreciates your willingness to join one of America’s most honored volunteer professions.  By becoming a firefighter, you have joined a society rich in heritage, dedication, unselfish sacrifice, and inspired human action.  We, as firefighters, perform no greater service than going to the aid of others.  You have now added you name to the family of approximately two million men and women (nationwide) who volunteer their time and talents to provide protection for the people who reside, work, or visit their respective districts.

When most people have an emergency, they think of the fire department first.  Firefighters will be involved, to some degree, with all emergencies occurring in their districts.  They will also be involved with all types of people, appreciated by some and scorned by others. As emergency responders, we are expected to, in the worst of times and circumstances, calmly evaluate an emergency situation and bring it to a reasonable conclusion.  As a result, firefighters come to know sincere thanks, human kindness, compassion, misunderstanding, sadness, helplessness, and disappointment.  However, along with those experiences there is also pride, satisfaction, brotherhood, and sense of purpose reserved for those who are willing to put themselves in harms way to help their neighbor.

As firefighting is a both noble and honorable profession, it is also one of America’s most hazardous.  It is the duty of every fire department to save lives and reduce injury and property loss.  In order to fulfill this duty we must maintain a high level of training and preparedness.  We always have to be ready to perform on a moments notice, when called upon.  It will be YOUR responsibility to aggressively pursue education and training opportunities, which are provided by our department and through other agencies.

Again, we are excited that you are interested in joining the Stony Hill Rural Fire Department.



A.C. Rich, Jr.

Fire Chief


Print out and complete an Application for membership.  When complete, deliver it to Station 1, preferably on Mondays after 7pm.


Download our Recruitment Brochure